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OverUnderWear wins Upload Showdown on Atom!!! had the balls to ask America what they thought about simulated straight male-on-male felatio, and America responded. “Male Bonding” (also known as “Packers Fans Are Gay”) won’s Upload Showdown!

Mom, this wins for you! – As a side note, my mother was responsible for many of those votes.  She’s never even seen the sketch in its entirety.  When I first posted it on YouTube, she came across it one day on “accident” and her curiosity got the best of her.  She called me up immediately and told me what she thought.  “Your father wouldn’t even watch it.  He walked right out of the room!” I assured her that it was nothing I did in real life, it was only comedy.  Now, thanks to the fine people at, my Mother can sleep a little better, knowing her son isn’t the person who finds humor in seemingly straight jocks fisting each other.

An extra thanks goes to the Producer and Director of the sketch, my pal “Foxy” Ryan Fox (from Rough Sketch and Frog Island).

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