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Raze, in theatres now! (and it’s not even remotely funny)

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Raze Poster

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OverUnderWear is now producing full time with Cosmic Toast.  That means writing, directing, editing, building sets, drawing storyboards, doing voice overs, even acting.  Currently, I am directing a television project for Vin da Bona Productions (Americas Funniest Home Videos) and producing a feature film titled “Raze”with actresses Zoë Bell (Death Proof, Kill Bill) and Rachel Nichols (GI Joe, Conan the Barbarian).

Been so busy, I’ve been full commando for over a year…

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Big Baby web pilot in the can…

…which is better than the john or lou in this case.

We shot the pilot a week ago over at Cosmic Toast Studios and I have been editing ever since.  Big Baby is the story of a young couple, The Youngs, who adopt a really big newborn named Wayne.  The pilot covers the day they actually adopt the giant child from a “baby mill” called The Baby Depot.  The great cast includes Julie Mitchell as new mom Amy Young, Mary Passeri as the woman working at the adoption agency, Andy Pagana, Cosmic Toast producer, as the love able baby Wayne, and I, Mr. OverUnderWear, as Brett Young, the new dad.  I told you I’d have a kid one day ma!

Check out our hilarious actors at work –

Julie Mitchell in “Celebrity Impression”

Andy Pagana in “Schwartzy and Pagana’s Mel Gibson Tribute”

Mary Passeri and Me in “The Visitors”

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OverUnderWear producing at Cosmic Toast

I am now here daily, and we are currently producing my web series together called Big Baby. I’m actually going to have a some kick ass producers and a full crew for a change.

Lock up the woman and children…I’m coming!

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OverUnderWear editing at Cosmic Toast Studios

I have been getting to know the producers over there fairly well since teaming up with them to produce Knuckleheads (the TV version of Ronnie Gold’s Fight Team) and they recently brought me in to do some editing for them on a film by Hellboy II special effects artist and sculptor, Mario Torres.

Cosmic Toast is an exciting and fun place to be, and I hope the be there more in the future.  They do everything in house including live action, animation and puppetry. Their show Slangman’s World is an international childrens phenomenom airing in 175 countries

Can you imagine the creator of Male Bonding working on a kids show?  Well I can…so bite me bitch!

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